Phrentus Is Alive

Phrentus is still out there. He lives I tell you, He lives!. How do I know this you might be contemplating. Well I’ll tell you. I was driving down the highway and as I am passing a silver sedan I notice out of my rear view mirror a horse galloping full speed at me. Now, I was driving nearly 80mph. That dag’um horse past me with fire under his hooves, so you know what I did? I sped up because as it was passing by i noticed that that wasn’t no normal horse, It was a unicorn. I thought to myself there could be a handsome amount of money made by selling the worlds first unicorn. So I’m driving, so fast you can smell the rubber from my tires burning I finally catch up to the unicorn and I see a little fish riding on the unicorns head and then the fish looks over at me and mouthed the words “I’m still alive” then he winked and the unicorn took off faster than I could keep up.  It was that day, that told me that Phrentus is alive. I’ll never stop believing.

“Never stop believing, Phrentus is alive” – Briana Bowen.